The exercise report & a life lesson [niki]

Last week sucked! I didn't do any walking. It was rainy and dreary here and on top of that, as i said before, I had company. But this week I am back on track and loving it. And when little Laney says "Mommy, I prouda you walking wit Carewol" and then follows it up with a big hug it motivates me even more. I am happy to see that Laney recognizes that her mommy is doing something for herself. I have struggled with that part of my life since Jake & Laney came of an age where they follow our lead. Maybe that is what finally pushed that magic button inside me to actually take control of my weight. I want her to see that her mommy takes care of herself. I want her to grow up with her self esteem in tact. I want her to be comfortable in her own skin and to feel 'good enough' and important. I remember my own mom telling me that she didn't like it when she heard me say I couldn't do something. As a child I didn't understand her true feelings behind that statement. I just assumed that it was frustrating for her when I refused to try something or do something. Now, as a mommy myself, I understand that her meaning and feelings were invested in those words because she was invested in me, my development and my growth as a girl. She didn't want me to limit myself in any way. AHHHHHHHH HINDSIGHT! So I am proud of my 10 pound accomplishment and my exercise accomplishment. It not only nourishes my own psyche but my little laney's as well!!!


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