Have to say that this week was NOT what I expected. But after several days of not tracking, company over the weekend, and even being sick last night, I'm still doing okay.

I've lost another pound (No!! Not Two, Kiki!) making my loss 6lbs! In four weeks. Very slow, but steady...so I'm happy.

As they say, this is NOT a diet, it's a life style. The best news is that I'm feeling very positive, not deprived, not frustrated, not craving thinks I should not have, and all in all very pleased with the process.

I have heard in the past, and again the other night, that one should allow themselves one day a week to splurge a little. I agree. Saturday is my day!!

Have a great week and I'll check in later....


Hello Chubby Chasers

I just wanted to welcome the few followers that we have here on DTBMMBLF. It's nice to see you and welcome each and every one of you to visit and more importantly to comment! We're gearing up for a blog makeover here on DTBMMBLF {quite honestly just typing the letters isn't any easier than typing the whole name} so check back often to see if the new look is live! The new look is courtsey of Marina at Penny Lane Designs. She's an amazing designer with great talent! Check out her site {Here}


*MUAH* Kiki

Niki Day THREE

Things are moving right along! I am loving Jenny Craig. So there! For all of you out there that say Jenny Craig is for losers you're probably 22 and 115lbs. So what do you know? NUTTIN! I'm really enjoying it. The food is tasty and I'm spreading it out and eating about every 4 hours. So I'm staying just satisfied. Believe me.... I am getting hungry but when I start to feel that I realize that it's time to eat again! And who doesn't love to do that?
I didn't get the chance to walk last night. I missed my walking partners phone call and apparently she told my husband that she was getting ready to walk, however, he neglected to tell me. I'm trying not to be cynical and say that he planned that little bit of sabotage. I'm just saying....

  • Dinner : JC Chicken Fajitas / Green beans / iced tea (unsweetened of course)
  • Breakfast : 1 100 cal english muffin / 1 scrambled egg / 1 slice lite cheese / milk
  • Lunch : 1 JC pizza topped with addl green bell pepper / 1 side salad w/ 1tbl dressing / iced tea (unsweetened)
  • Snack : 1 c grapes
  • Dinner : JC meal (haven't decided yet) with veggies on the side (probably left over green beans)
  • DESSERT : JC COOKIES & CREAM CHEESE CAKE (Lord have mercy I can't wait for this!)
Oh and I just talked to Carb Addict and she's on her way to weigh in .... so good luck CA! I'm sure you've lost another 2 lbs!

*muah* Niki


Diets Make You Crazy Skinny

Day TWO. This has been a rough day. Not in terms of food or eating or diets but in terms of kids. Mine are driving me to eat. You heard me right. Not drink, EAT! But I haven't. Nope. I still had my JC lunch along with a tall glass of water. I was even up for walking last night. Which during that walk I met an adorable kitten who was so friendly. I actually made my way around the lake a 2nd time to see if she was still there. And she was. I admit that I picked her up and headed home with her. Only for her to want down so she could follow an other walker in the opposite direction. SEE WHAT DIETING CAN DO......MAKE YOU GO CRAZY IN YOUR CABESA! I DON'T NEED NO STINKIN' CATS! Thank GOD she headed back where she came from!
Day ONE Dinner : JC chicken fajitas / xtra green bell pepper / 1/2 cup collard greens
Breakfast : 1 egg / 1 C milk
Lunch : JC meatball sandwich / small side salad / water
Snack : JC anytime peanut butter bar
*muah* Niki




Niki Day ONE Jenny Craig

Ohhhh I'm on it! Jenny and I have come together to do this thing! Today is day one! And so far so good. With spring here I think this may be a bit easier. So here is where I am so far in my day!

Breakfast : 1 hard boiled egg / 1 C milk
Mid Morning Snack : 1 JC Peanut Butter Anytime Bar
Lunch : Small side salad w/1TBL dressing / JC Pesto Pizza / water
Mid Afternoon Snack : 1 bag JC cheese curls

And then I'm off to nap at little!

:) Yeah me!

*muah* Niki


Outta Control!

Hey there... it's me Kiki and I'm outta control! I have completely fallen off the wagon and I hit hard. I don't know what is going on. I think that I have fallen into the dark abyss that is emotional eating. And I have to say...I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore! I have made the decision to take drastic measures and join Jenny Craig. Now before I am judged let me explain myself.

Money certainly doesn't grow on trees around here so the decision to join was not done in a flippant manner. And my ultimate decision to join was for a jump start into my journey. I have done JC before with some success. And I am willing to give it another try. But I ask that you don't judge. I've heard it all before. Jenny Craig is for losers. But I'm having a hard time. And I need a little easy, non thinking, just eat this....encouragement. So I'm off to meet with Jenny at 4:30 today. I'll report back when I return!