....with a note to the postings below....

First of all, that salmon looks FABULOUS!!! I can smell the onions and garlic cooking now! YUM!

Secondly, today IS another day. Do not be crushed. Just remember that whatever you eat (even if you know it's not the best choice you could make) try to only eat half of what you normally would. You will lose without being so careful about what it is you're eating. You can do it.

Carbaddict Checking In

Very happy today....lost 2.5 pounds! I feel like I'm on my way!

Of course, just as I'm gaining momentum with eating better, I arrived at work this morning to find two chocolate "bunnies" on my desk from some unnamed person and they are, at this moment, staring me down. One is a "crisp" - I love those. Haven't quite decided what to do about those things. Guess I'll continue to work and see what transpires. Maybe they'll get up and hop away!

More later.....C.A.


Does This Blog Make My Butt Look FAT?

Yes! The answer to this question is YES! BECAUSE I AM! I started on this journey a week ago yesterday and when I weighed in in the morning I thought for sure that I would come up with at least a 2 lb loss. BOY WAS I WRONG! It was a whopping .... wait for it .... .5 lbs POINT FIVE!

I'm deflated. Crushed. Trying to pick myself up and move on. God it's hard! When I was in my 20s the weight quite literally melted away. Now it's like it's glued itself to my butt. Which I swear is getting so big I'm an inch taller when I sit down.

Today is another day......

xoxo Kiki