Lean Green Beans!

I didn't lose 2 pounds, but I did weigh myself and found that I'm 5 less than I thought I was. This was inspiration enough, then I saw Lady Carb had lost 2lbs and wanted to kill her, then myself, but I got over it and decided to cook the following: Fresh Green Beans, cleaned and washed
Fresh Onion, chopped
Fresh Garlic, chopped
1 Jalapeno pepper, chopped
1 Tbls olive oil
1 Tbls Smart Balance butter stuff
2 Tsp Soy sauce
1 Tsp Asian Hot Sauce
1 Salmon Filet, with dry seasonings and broiled
I sauteed everything but the salmon in a large skillet until the onions and garlic were translucent. Then I added the green beans and sauteed them for a few minutes and then covered them for until they were al dente and tasty. Then after broiling the salmon to perfection, I covered it with a large ladle full of the green bean mix and may have added a little more soy for flavor. It was jammin!



....with good news!! Lost 2 pounds this week. I'm very happy with that. Not a huge loss but I've never been a fast "loser". Now I'm going to eat my "0" point soup and have a 1 point WW bar and drink another gallon or so of water!!

Happy Lunching!!


On my way to check in. I'm feeling somewhat confident that I will be down a bit today. I hope my positive attitude isn't dashed by a lousy number. My clothes seem to fit a little more comfortably. I must try to remember that whatever the scale says I'm eating better and eventually the weight will come off. It's ALL IN THE 'TUDE!!! ONWARD AND UPWARD -- I mean, ONWARD AND DOWNWARD!!!


Kiki Day TWO

Do I look like this yet? NO? Ok. But I'm working on it! Here are my goals!
  • Give up ALL SODA
  • Eat more whole foods and LESS processed foods (i.e., fruits, veggies, etc.)
  • Eat more organically (i.e., organic meats, etc.)
  • Eat a salad with every meal
  • Walk at least 5 miles a week to start

So far so good. I know it's only day 2 but I'm on my way! I have actually stopped eating all day long. Being a stay at home mom it's easy to nibble all day! And I have! I've nibbled my way into a size 14, ahem, and I'm tired of it! I want my little ones to look at me and think I'm pretty and healty! I want to feel healthy! I want to be healthy. I don't need to be a size 2 but I want to be able to put on something and feel comfortable in my skin! So I'm doing it! One day at a time. Heck, even one meal at time!

Confessions Of A Carbaddict!

Well, tomorrow is my second weigh-in. I have to admit that I've slipped a little -mostly over the weekend. I drank a little too much wine, ate a few too many snacks, and even a few bites of pecan pie. (When it's right in your face whattya gonna do?)

Okay....and yesterday I ate 5 M&M's (I counted them) and two Hershey Kisses! There's all this stupid EASTER candy in this office and it's making me crazy. But I'm a little better today, I think. I believe I can make it through without the "picking".

I'll check in tomorrow after the big WI!

See ya! Carbaddict


Hello Kids,
Today my company leaves. Well actually this evening at 7 she leaves. We've already discussed what we'll be having for dinner, so it looks like I'm pushing this thing to the last degree. Mean while, in an attempt to gain some mental momentum, I've been stealing moments here and there looking at other peoples diet blogs, seeking inspiration, hoping to trigger that thing that clicks in your brain to put me into diet mode.

Honestly, I don't have bad eating habits. I eat all good things as a rule. I don't have junk in my house. No chips, ice cream, cakes, etc. For the most part I eat very well, my problem is portion control. I can put it away people, so my biggest challenge is going to be pushing away from the table.

Typically I have dinner with someone every night who has this ability, so I plan to use this to influence me instead of making me feel that tinge of resentment that I normally feel. Yes, I'm confessing here. She makes me feel a little like a pig when I go back for seconds and she does not. Or when I heap the food on my plate while she takes portions for normal folks. Oye! This is going to be interesting. But not until I start TOMORROW! I love ya, you're always a day away!
More Later, Love, Peaches


Peaches, PBJ and Pizza

First Entry:

I NEED HELP. Put me on here. I'm feeling hopeless, out of breath, fat and pudgie. I have a hard time tieing my shoes. I can't find a bra that fits. I have a job interview on Monday and a closet full of expensive clothes that do not close! I have been living in elastic band heaven for over one year. I make sandwiches and bread all the time. I'm having a love trist with mayonaise. I am addicted to it and salt/salt products. My days are spent planning dinner. I can't see or reach my feet. Spring has sprung and I have nothing to wear. Love, Peaches

Second Entry:

The more I think about and describe the symptoms of my weight gain, the more I am seriously considering going off Crestor. It's 4AM and I've been reading support group comments about this drug. While most of them are discussing muscle and joint pain, many are attributing increased weight specifically to the mid section. Also dry mouth, vivid and strange dreams (that's me) strange taste in the mouth, exhaustion, grumpiness, difficulty focusing, shortness of breath (I have this) and on and on and on... I need this like I need a Pizza. Ms. Carb is on Crestor too, and I'm wondering if we should compare notes more carefully. I'm going off the stuff as of today.

Third Entry:
I can't officially start a diet until my company leaves town on Wednesday 3/24. Wait for me!