Loosey Goosey

Losing weight ROCKS! Most mornings I struggle to find clothes to wear that don't cut into my gut. I HATE IT! God forbid I have to actually go to a function where I have to look my best. And because I'm home with the kids {one of the factors as to why I got to the size I am} my uniform consists of stretchy gauchos and a t-shirt. {Ahhh....the elusive t-shirt.....it has to be perfect...cover just the right amount of arm and long enough to not cut me in half....CANNOT ~under any circumstances~ have a rounded neckline and can't be too tight or too loose ~ so many rules, I know!} But today as I was searching for the right amount of comfort and style {LOL} I threw on my standard stretch pants {I like to call them, ahem, apartment pants} this time the full length wide legs I've come to love as well and felt as if I was a frump. {{{{NEWS FLASH.....I HAVE BEEN A FRUMP FOR SOME TIME NOW~but I'm working on that!}}}} So I quickly took out a pair of white (yes white) crop pants that I have NOT been able to wear without wanting to kill someone or something. And as I pulled them on I had the thought that this could go one of two ways...I am happy to announce....it went the best way possible. I pulled them up, zipped them up and buttoned them up without feeling like I was stuffing 10lbs into a 5lb bag! It was stupendous! Every day that I experience a better feeling or I get someone who says...."you've lost weight" I am motivated even more! So yea me! :)




I snuck in a weigh in today..... on my home scale & I LOVED what I saw..... I hope it doesn't change by Monday! :)



Carb Addict and Exercise

...more on exercise...while I'm not as in love with exercise as Niki is at this point, I am still walking. Not 3 miles, but a fairly respectible one mile. And I feel certain that my one mile is as hard for me as the 3+ is for Niki. I'm old, after all.

I also failed to check in last week after my weigh-in. I lost that 1/2 pound that I had gained the week before. Not much, but better than a P.I.T.E.W.A.S.S.


Here's to a GREAT WEEK!!!


The Exercise Report [Niki]

Since my last weigh in was less than stellar I decided to up my exercise routine in hopes of making up for what I like to call the "Guacamole Debacle". And I have to say that I am feeling better about my decision to "step" it up a notch {pardon the pun}! Since starting Jenny Craig I had made the decision to not only change my eating habits but to get my butt up off the couch and hit the pavement! I started by just walking a mile and this week extended that walk to 3.6 miles a night. It's easy to do when you have a walking companion and that she likes to chit chat! It makes the time fly by and before I know it we're standing in our front yards. If it weren't for her I don't think I would do it. Not that I couldn't do it ... I just wouldn't. So thank goodness for friends!

Monday ~ 3.6 miles
Tuesday~ 3.6 miles
Wednesday~ 3.6 miles

Penny Lane Designs ~ A HUGE Thank You!

I have to thank Marina over at Penny Lane Designs for our ADORABLE design and face lift here at Does This Blog Make My Butt Look Big! I have been so impressed and amazed by Marina and her generosity and talent! I hope that each of you take time to go to her sites and use her for your own design needs! The new design of DTBMMBLB can be yours! I worked with Marina on the design and am happy to announce that it is listed in her shop under Pre-Fab Blog Designs!
Her designs are a direct interpretation of your ideas and needs! And to work with someone so sweet and kind is a pleasure! Marina I am a fan and can't wait to hire you in the future for more design work!




Niki....I'm SO proud and excited for you. Any time you can be positive and excited about doing good things for yourself, life is great! You're on your way. I have no doubt that by the time September arrives, you will be looking fabulous!
I, on the other hand, am having a little trouble. We had company last weekend and three, count them....THREE birthdays to celebrate. I didn't eat badly but I did indulge in the C&IC!
On a positive note, I started walking again. All in all, I'm not too worried. I'll get back with it.
And, by the way Niki, YOU and your sister are MY inspiration!
More later......


DAMN You Guacamole!

I didn't lose this week. I maintained...which I suppose is the brighter side of failure. But I'm ok. Hopefully next week I'll have a HUGE weight loss making up for my indiscretions!