Loosey Goosey

Losing weight ROCKS! Most mornings I struggle to find clothes to wear that don't cut into my gut. I HATE IT! God forbid I have to actually go to a function where I have to look my best. And because I'm home with the kids {one of the factors as to why I got to the size I am} my uniform consists of stretchy gauchos and a t-shirt. {Ahhh....the elusive t-shirt.....it has to be perfect...cover just the right amount of arm and long enough to not cut me in half....CANNOT ~under any circumstances~ have a rounded neckline and can't be too tight or too loose ~ so many rules, I know!} But today as I was searching for the right amount of comfort and style {LOL} I threw on my standard stretch pants {I like to call them, ahem, apartment pants} this time the full length wide legs I've come to love as well and felt as if I was a frump. {{{{NEWS FLASH.....I HAVE BEEN A FRUMP FOR SOME TIME NOW~but I'm working on that!}}}} So I quickly took out a pair of white (yes white) crop pants that I have NOT been able to wear without wanting to kill someone or something. And as I pulled them on I had the thought that this could go one of two ways...I am happy to announce....it went the best way possible. I pulled them up, zipped them up and buttoned them up without feeling like I was stuffing 10lbs into a 5lb bag! It was stupendous! Every day that I experience a better feeling or I get someone who says...."you've lost weight" I am motivated even more! So yea me! :)


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