I'm here!

WOW! It's been a whirlwind of a few weeks! I was very busy getting ready for the twins 3rd birthday! We had a blast! We BBQ'd and watched the kids swim and bounce. The next day we loaded everyone up and took a boat ride to the sandbar where we floated around all day long! It was lovely! Then, of course, this last weekend was another fun filled 3 days! Saturday was Daddy's day...he and his friends went fishing down in the keys all day long. Sunday we got a baby sitter and just the adults headed back to the sandbar to float and have fun! Then of course Monday we stuck close to home and swam in our little pool and had a wonderful Memorial Day! AND THE BEST NEWS................................................IN ALL OF THAT FUN I LOST ANOTHER POUND! :) I will admit though that it has been hard. I have found my self nibbling here and there and I really need to KNOCK IT OFF! I'm in it for the long haul tho. So I have to ease up on myself! A loss of a pound is a great thing!

This summer is a busy one for us. We are planning a long trip to Dallas to visit Carb Addict & the Pea~paw lucky for me they both want to see me succeed so we will stay on program. I may have to take those few weeks off of Jenny Craig and see if I can do it on my own. But I pretty sure I can. I have learned to really watch my portions! I've really determined that that is key for me. So what I plan to do it to really "rock" it in June-mid July on JC and then keep up the portion control while away! Add a lot of swimming and walking into that mix and I should be down 25 lbs by September. I've already hit the 11 lb mark so another 14...I can do that! Easy as pie...um, I mean easy peasy! :)


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