In need of encouragement

Since my last weigh in I'm felling really down about my current ability to lose any more weight. I know that I need to just hang in there that it will start coming off again. But it is sometimes hard when my schedule gets all screwed up! I haven't been able to walk since Monday. Tuesday the hubby was running errands preparing for his fishing trip the next morning and then Wednesday he was working late. I feel like a lump and I don't like it. I NEED ENCOURAGEMENT! Anyone out there have any for me?



  1. Today's a new day! Keep doing what you're doing, it's worked before, it will work again! Can you grab a walk today? Even 15 minutes?

  2. Oh no.....:( your doing great ! You have inspired me to finally join too...don't let it get you down. Maybe you should look into joining a gym, one that you can take the kids with you when KR is busy. Hang in there girl :)