Thought you'd never hear from me again, didn't ya?

...and yet, here I am. Still alive and kicking. In fact, kicking up a storm.

I've been plugging along - back and forth - up and down - around and sideways. I was up 1/2 a lb a few weeks ago, then down 1/2; then up another 1/2. You know how it goes. Discouragement, elation, discouragement, elation. But the good news is that we have joined a gym. Actually, it's a senior activity center with a full gym, pool and spa, walking track, game room, cafe, conference centers, movie theater, on and on. It's brand new and beautiful inside and out.

We got some ribbing from Niki and her hubby but that's okay...we need a place to walk that's not 100 degrees and it's great to not have all that rap music blaring while we're walking. Ok....so we're old....so what???? We can still be healthy.

I've finally lost that 1/2 lb for good and since DXS is also interested in watching what he eats, it's going to be easier for me. In reality, his doctor wants him to go on an 1800 calorie/day plan. It's been ages since I paid attention to calories, but I'll just steer him in the right direction.

Getting company right now so gotta go....

Happy weekend to everyone!


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  1. WOW You're back! I'm happy and I love you! Now we just need to get "hubby" on a plan to drop some of that belly weight and we can all be skinny together!