Peaches, PBJ and Pizza

First Entry:

I NEED HELP. Put me on here. I'm feeling hopeless, out of breath, fat and pudgie. I have a hard time tieing my shoes. I can't find a bra that fits. I have a job interview on Monday and a closet full of expensive clothes that do not close! I have been living in elastic band heaven for over one year. I make sandwiches and bread all the time. I'm having a love trist with mayonaise. I am addicted to it and salt/salt products. My days are spent planning dinner. I can't see or reach my feet. Spring has sprung and I have nothing to wear. Love, Peaches

Second Entry:

The more I think about and describe the symptoms of my weight gain, the more I am seriously considering going off Crestor. It's 4AM and I've been reading support group comments about this drug. While most of them are discussing muscle and joint pain, many are attributing increased weight specifically to the mid section. Also dry mouth, vivid and strange dreams (that's me) strange taste in the mouth, exhaustion, grumpiness, difficulty focusing, shortness of breath (I have this) and on and on and on... I need this like I need a Pizza. Ms. Carb is on Crestor too, and I'm wondering if we should compare notes more carefully. I'm going off the stuff as of today.

Third Entry:
I can't officially start a diet until my company leaves town on Wednesday 3/24. Wait for me!

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