Hello Kids,
Today my company leaves. Well actually this evening at 7 she leaves. We've already discussed what we'll be having for dinner, so it looks like I'm pushing this thing to the last degree. Mean while, in an attempt to gain some mental momentum, I've been stealing moments here and there looking at other peoples diet blogs, seeking inspiration, hoping to trigger that thing that clicks in your brain to put me into diet mode.

Honestly, I don't have bad eating habits. I eat all good things as a rule. I don't have junk in my house. No chips, ice cream, cakes, etc. For the most part I eat very well, my problem is portion control. I can put it away people, so my biggest challenge is going to be pushing away from the table.

Typically I have dinner with someone every night who has this ability, so I plan to use this to influence me instead of making me feel that tinge of resentment that I normally feel. Yes, I'm confessing here. She makes me feel a little like a pig when I go back for seconds and she does not. Or when I heap the food on my plate while she takes portions for normal folks. Oye! This is going to be interesting. But not until I start TOMORROW! I love ya, you're always a day away!
More Later, Love, Peaches

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  1. Smaller plates worked wonders for me, I also have portion issues and snacking issues and comfort eating issues - actually I have food issues, but what's worked for me most is getting an exercise issue instead of an exercise excuse.