Can I Get A Woot~Woot?!

This isn't me....I'm not a blond. I wonder if the person who illustrated this chick created her in their imagination of if they had a live model?

But on to real news.......It was my 1st week weighing in at JC and I'm down 3.8 lbs, BABY! That's right! That calls for a Woot~Woot!

I've been doing very well. Yesterday was a little difficult and I ate a bit more than I should have. But I felt like a loser last night when I got into bed and vowed to be spot on today.

Over the weekend my hubby & I went to Orlando sans kids and walked our butts off around 3 of the parks. And again yesterday evening and tonight I walked with my neighbor. It feels good to get outside and get some fresh air.

So I'm hoping that my next weigh in is a successful one too! Keep your fingers crossed for me and any encouraging words would be nice! REMEMBER....SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT DTBMMBLF AND LEAVE SOME COMMENTS! THEY HELP US ALL GET THROUGH THE DAY/WEEK.

And CA.....don't worry! You're my inspiration. And soon we'll be sittin' in the Keys having a BLAST! And all this will be behind us (for a week at least!)

*Muah* Niki

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