Diets Make You Crazy Skinny

Day TWO. This has been a rough day. Not in terms of food or eating or diets but in terms of kids. Mine are driving me to eat. You heard me right. Not drink, EAT! But I haven't. Nope. I still had my JC lunch along with a tall glass of water. I was even up for walking last night. Which during that walk I met an adorable kitten who was so friendly. I actually made my way around the lake a 2nd time to see if she was still there. And she was. I admit that I picked her up and headed home with her. Only for her to want down so she could follow an other walker in the opposite direction. SEE WHAT DIETING CAN DO......MAKE YOU GO CRAZY IN YOUR CABESA! I DON'T NEED NO STINKIN' CATS! Thank GOD she headed back where she came from!
Day ONE Dinner : JC chicken fajitas / xtra green bell pepper / 1/2 cup collard greens
Breakfast : 1 egg / 1 C milk
Lunch : JC meatball sandwich / small side salad / water
Snack : JC anytime peanut butter bar
*muah* Niki

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  1. My kids can drive me to eat - and I certainly don't reach for low fat yogurt when that happens. Good on you for the walk, not that cat - leave the cat, they are not good animals.