Niki Day THREE

Things are moving right along! I am loving Jenny Craig. So there! For all of you out there that say Jenny Craig is for losers you're probably 22 and 115lbs. So what do you know? NUTTIN! I'm really enjoying it. The food is tasty and I'm spreading it out and eating about every 4 hours. So I'm staying just satisfied. Believe me.... I am getting hungry but when I start to feel that I realize that it's time to eat again! And who doesn't love to do that?
I didn't get the chance to walk last night. I missed my walking partners phone call and apparently she told my husband that she was getting ready to walk, however, he neglected to tell me. I'm trying not to be cynical and say that he planned that little bit of sabotage. I'm just saying....

  • Dinner : JC Chicken Fajitas / Green beans / iced tea (unsweetened of course)
  • Breakfast : 1 100 cal english muffin / 1 scrambled egg / 1 slice lite cheese / milk
  • Lunch : 1 JC pizza topped with addl green bell pepper / 1 side salad w/ 1tbl dressing / iced tea (unsweetened)
  • Snack : 1 c grapes
  • Dinner : JC meal (haven't decided yet) with veggies on the side (probably left over green beans)
  • DESSERT : JC COOKIES & CREAM CHEESE CAKE (Lord have mercy I can't wait for this!)
Oh and I just talked to Carb Addict and she's on her way to weigh in .... so good luck CA! I'm sure you've lost another 2 lbs!

*muah* Niki

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