Penny Lane Designs ~ A HUGE Thank You!

I have to thank Marina over at Penny Lane Designs for our ADORABLE design and face lift here at Does This Blog Make My Butt Look Big! I have been so impressed and amazed by Marina and her generosity and talent! I hope that each of you take time to go to her sites and use her for your own design needs! The new design of DTBMMBLB can be yours! I worked with Marina on the design and am happy to announce that it is listed in her shop under Pre-Fab Blog Designs!
Her designs are a direct interpretation of your ideas and needs! And to work with someone so sweet and kind is a pleasure! Marina I am a fan and can't wait to hire you in the future for more design work!



  1. OMG, this looks awesome. I'm loving it. Very inspirational. I'm back in!

  2. Where's my signature? Yours looks GREAT. i'M excited! Love the celeb refrences on the sidebar .. you're a flippin genius!

  3. Not just about Jenny Craig, right?

  4. No, not just about Jenny Craig. I think it's interesting that there are more than one diet avenue on the blog! So come on Peaches!

  5. I may just have to get Marina to design my new upcoming blog background. I was shocked and saddened when I contacted another well-known blog designer in the blogosphere to ask a couple quick questions before making my deposit.

    I have e-mailed her twice and to this day she has STILL not ever returned my e-mail (that was 3 weeks ago!). Here rates were great but her business professionalism-not so much.

    I love the colors of this background-so pretty! :)

  6. Thanks CW! You should contact Marina! She's fantastic!